armed and ready

I’m not the first one to write about this, and I won’t be the last. But I don’t think there can be too many shame stories like this uncovered and discussed openly. Shame wants to remain secret, in the dark, festering like mold. In my experience, when exposed to sunlight, it dies.

For most of my life, I didn’t wear sleeveless. I didn’t even consider it. While there were plenty of styles I figured I could theoretically do but were “better” to avoid (fitted tops, short skirts, etc.), a few things seemed completely off-limits as a RULE. This included bikinis, anything midriff-baring, and sleeveless. I didn’t question this, didn’t mull it over, didn’t consider challenging it. I also didn’t ponder going to the moon for my lunch break.

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this post was made for hoppin’

Ah, the true motivation for the break in my radio silence…

My friend Nicole nominated me for the blog hop that all the kids are doing these days. I love that Nicole is part of this story, because she’s an example of why I love blogging so much. I first met her online, but we’re local to each other so have now become in-person friends, as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her… she hasn’t been sewing garments long but doesn’t let fear hold her back from the projects she wants to tackle. We have spent a lot of time comparing notes about pattern alteration/fitting, board games, and just life in general.

Nicole and the deviled egg dress of awesomeness

Nicole and the deviled egg dress of awesomeness

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anna banna fo fanna

Mind you, I don’t make it a habit to dance in an open field during a lightning storm. However, I should probably give those electrical bolts an extra-wide berth for a week or two, because not only am I publishing a post, but I have a woven dress to share…

I have a crush. This crush was one of those that was slow to build. I didn’t fall in love at first glance, and I looked past our first few encounters. However, gradually she wormed her way into my heart, and after our first date, I was truly hooked.

anna banna fo fanna...anna!

Annnnnnna. She’s the object of my affection, and this one is my third version. Maybe I’ll get around to posting evidence of my other versions at some point but considering my track record of late, it’s not a sure thing.

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Ah, I remember last year’s Me-Made-May so fondly. I constantly lurked the Flickr group, took snaps of my self-stitched garments with pride, relished in the variety I had infused into my wardrobe.

I grandly dreamt of the following year, when my closet would be overflowing with new pretties to reveal, and when maybe I would even be able to make that most golden vow of wearing 100% handmade…

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nothing that this post should be

**When one hasn’t posted on her blog in excess of six months, one’s first post back should be everything.**

Hi y’all! Boy oh boy oh how I’ve missed this. The further away I got, the harder it was to return. I’ve been making the makes, but somehow no story nor garment felt comeback-worthy, and with every passing fortnight, that got worse and worse. So this is me, breaking the ice.

isa hat


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protracting a good fit

I’ve noticed widely varying sentiments regarding kimono sleeves — some people adore them, some really really don’t. I get that. For me, the thing I didn’t like about some of my earlier kimono-sleeve makes was the fit of the armscye — sometimes it was too low, sometimes too big, sometimes it just felt wrong or only the sleeve width itself needed adjusting. After a couple of years of finally getting a grasp on adjustments to set-in sleeves, these things threw me quite the curve — all while maintaining the pretense of being simpler…


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