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As I’m sure some others can relate, I never accomplish all of the handmade gifts that I plan for the holidays. Last year, one of the places where I ran out of time was for my twin nephews, who turned 18 months old on Christmas Day. (Very cool half-birthday!)

I’m playing catch-up now. My sister requested some embroidered pillowcases for them since they are about to start using little pillows for the first time. I made the pillowcases using the “burrito” method to enclose the raw edges of the body/cuff/trim seam — there are numerous tutorials for this construction out there on the interwebs. I just adapted the normal sizing to fit the 14″x20″ pillows that they’ll use.

embroidered pillowcases

For the embroidery, I backstitched with DMC glow-in-the-dark floss, then wrapped it with 1 strand of a coordinating color for a little more pop, which is hard to see in the photo.

For the second pair, I used one of my current favorite fabrics, Washi Tape by Rashida Coleman-Hale. My sister is a longtime lover of happy tape so I knew this would be perfect…

washi pillowcases

Maybe after I finally get them in the mail and they receive them, I can get a *real* picture — of the boys lying on them!

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