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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Susan, and I live in central TX with my husband (Al) and dog (Elphie). My primary passion and creative outlet is sewing, so this blog is where I share the things I’ve made, tutorials, tricks and tips, etc. I sew both apparel and crafts, which seems to be the catch-all term for non-garment sewing. I’ve played around with needle and thread off and on since childhood, but became serious about learning the skill in early 2009. I’ve sewn, or read about sewing, or done something related to it, just about every day since. I also dabble in lots of other crafts, so they could pop up here now and then:

  • Embroidery, which I do primarily to embellish my sewn creations
  • Jewelry making, a fun outlet that’s relatively new to me
  • Crochet, which I learned in my early twenties, and knitting, which I picked up in 2012
  • Baking and cooking, in that order, which I’ve loved since I could read a recipe
  • List is likely to expand at any moment!

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In case you’re on Pinterest, Twitter, FacebookInstagramFlickr, Ravelry, PatternReview… I’m moonthirty on all of those and would love to connect with you. I notify on Twitter and Facebook when I have a new post up, so that would be another subscriber-type option if you don’t like the RSS or email routes.

My disclosures…

I am the Editor for Cake Patterns. When I post about one of my Cake makes, I do so in the spirit of a reveal, rather than a review, which wouldn’t make any sense as I’m involved in the production. When Steph asks me to write about something or pays me to do it, it will appear on a Cake Patterns channel, such as the Cake Vine newsletter or SewingCake.com, not here on my personal blog. :)

When I make patterns from other companies though, I do my best to post a thorough review.

Also, I am an Amazon Affiliate. Occasionally, I post a link containing that Affiliate coding. Any applicable earnings will help to support the cost of this self-hosted site. No other monetization or sponsorship/gifts/etc. is applicable at this time, but I will fully disclose it if that ever happens.

I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me at moonthirty {AT} gmail {dot} com.

so many of me