anna banna fo fanna

Mind you, I don’t make it a habit to dance in an open field during a lightning storm. However, I should probably give those electrical bolts an extra-wide berth for a week or two, because not only am I publishing a post, but I have a woven dress to share…

I have a crush. This crush was one of those that was slow to build. I didn’t fall in love at first glance, and I looked past our first few encounters. However, gradually she wormed her way into my heart, and after our first date, I was truly hooked.

anna banna fo fanna...anna!

Annnnnnna. She’s the object of my affection, and this one is my third version. Maybe I’ll get around to posting evidence of my other versions at some point but considering my track record of late, it’s not a sure thing.

the Anna pattern from BHL - click for source

This might be one of the most versatile patterns I’ve ever run across, especially that now-famous bodice. For my first Anna, I used the skirt pattern provided (though I shortened it to tunic length). The second time I made it, I paired the bodice with a dirndl skirt, inspired by the many versions of this combo I’d seen. This time, I returned to the soft v-neck and applied the half-circle bias-cut skirt from the Tiramisu pattern. Because of the amount of fabric I had, I shortened the skirt to several inches above my knees.

Also — hand-picked lapped zipper! I’ve wanted to try one of these for a long time, and before I cut this Anna, I finally remembered to give myself some extra seam allowance at the center back. (I used 3/4″ and it was perfect. Could probably get away with a little less, but I liked having it.) Anyway, this is the first in what will be a lengthy line of hand-picked lapped zippers for me — not only do I love the look, but I have a LOT more conventional zippers in my stash than invisible ones, and I dig this technique much more than centered.

hand-picked lapped zip

So this fabric, hehehe. I think I can count on half a hand the number of purple garments I’ve had in the last 20 years. But maybe it’s all the power of suggestion, plus the fact that purple looks kinda awesome with green hair — my closet currently holds several shades of violet, with more on the way. I bought this ostrich-bespeckled cotton sateen from the garment district in NYC, on the most fun day I spent there in April (which was well before the color of envy exploded on my noggin).

fabric close-up

 Now, I always like to give credit to the store where a fabric was purchased… but I can’t, here. I tried, even consulted with my gorgeous hostess from that day. Apparently this store doesn’t have a name. But it’s the one with a ton of signage always and forever emphatically stating “STORE CLOSING EVERYTHING MUST GO!” Whether or not it actually has any closing plans, I am mightily glad that it didn’t do so prior to my trip, because this was only one of the gems I snagged from there. It did lose a fair amount of its sheen and some of its plum tincture during the prewash, but hey. I didn’t even have to pay extra for the worn-in-look. ;)

whacha looking' at?

Anna was totally my gateway BHL pattern, and I now have several others high in my to-make queue. I’m even considering using this bodice on top for an Anna/Holly jumpsuit…

…and with the Flora skirt…

…perhaps under the Victoria blazer…

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