this post was made for hoppin’

Ah, the true motivation for the break in my radio silence…

My friend Nicole nominated me for the blog hop that all the kids are doing these days. I love that Nicole is part of this story, because she’s an example of why I love blogging so much. I first met her online, but we’re local to each other so have now become in-person friends, as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her… she hasn’t been sewing garments long but doesn’t let fear hold her back from the projects she wants to tackle. We have spent a lot of time comparing notes about pattern alteration/fitting, board games, and just life in general.

Nicole and the deviled egg dress of awesomeness

Nicole and the deviled egg dress of awesomeness

When she told me a few weeks ago that she was nominating me for this, my initial thought was… Continue reading

nothing that this post should be

**When one hasn’t posted on her blog in excess of six months, one’s first post back should be everything.**

Hi y’all! Boy oh boy oh how I’ve missed this. The further away I got, the harder it was to return. I’ve been making the makes, but somehow no story nor garment felt comeback-worthy, and with every passing fortnight, that got worse and worse. So this is me, breaking the ice.

isa hat


**One should have the most amazing self-stitched reveal, with flawless pictures and full details describing how it was impeccably executed.** Continue reading

diversification: why i’m trying it

The sewcialist community seems to be divided on the two-timing thing. Some folks love developing relationships with many projects at once, while some are absolutely faithful and may as well be wearing blinders. For most of my sewing life, I’ve been a one-plan woman. Getting started can be the hardest part for me, so when that’s done, I pretty much plow through to the end. Those things in my drawers that I call Unfinished Objects (UFOs) are, in truth, Will Never Be Finished Objects¬†(WNBFOs). If I’ve become so perturbed with something that it gets put away, it is likely that it will languish there until I throw/give it away or reuse the fabric for something else. Very few exceptions.

UFO drawers, all three of 'em

But lately, in the past month or two, I’ve been flirting with the other side. Continue reading

the vernacular of spam

As with most blogs, the number of spam comments that hits my site far surpasses that of legitimate ones. I use an excellent filtering plugin (shout out, Akismet!), so they are never published. However, once in a blue moon, a valid comment ends up the in filters, so I usually do a very quick once-over prior to trashing. A few months ago I decided to begin saving the chuckle-worthy ones… here is what I’ve collected:







Here’s hoping I can keep my spammers entertained with such a range of reactions in the future. ;-)¬†Have a great weekend!

feasting on liebster

A few weeks ago, I e-met another blogger, Kim (11:59 Studio), with whom I felt an instant connection — I love her blog, the style of her projects, and her writing. She even began blogging during the same month as I did. So I was tickled when she notified me that she was awarding me a Liebster, which goes to promising blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Thanks, Kim!

As part of the award, I am paying it forward by Liebstering several others. I don’t think I can see exactly how many total followers a blog has (and if I can, I don’t know how), but I know these are relatively small. Anyway, I dig ’em… Continue reading