protracting a good fit

I’ve noticed widely varying sentiments regarding kimono sleeves — some people adore them, some really really don’t. I get that. For me, the thing I didn’t like about some of my earlier kimono-sleeve makes was the fit of the armscye — sometimes it was too low, sometimes too big, sometimes it just felt wrong or only the sleeve width itself needed adjusting. After a couple of years of finally getting a grasp on adjustments to set-in sleeves, these things threw me quite the curve — all while maintaining the pretense of being simpler…


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the chopping block

Take a long look at this one, if you’re so inclined. This post is the last you’ll see of it unless you shop at my friendly neighborhood thrift store. But I’m getting ahead of myself; let me back up…

McCall's 6754 / an unwearable muslin

This last round of McCall’s releases held fewer temptations for me than any in recent memory. I can’t imagine why, since clearly if you’re wearing these styles, you’ll instantly be whisked away to the most beautiful, exotic beachfront… Continue reading

dressing myself

Y’all. I pre-ordered the Tiramisu. As in, before it was released. As in, September 25, 2012, the day the pre-sale began. (I just double-checked my Etsy account to make sure.) So why – WHY – is this my first make from the pattern?

my first tira

I spent the better part of the time it took to construct this dress asking myself that exact question. I’m going to get all psycho – logical up in here, so take heed. Usually, when I’m avoiding something, the culprit is fear. So, that was an easy answer, but the hard part was fear of WHAT? Figuring that out took a process of elimination. Continue reading

gold star

Last week, Gail wrote a blog post in which she described a direct correlation between how quickly she photographs a project and how much she likes it. With this project that I completed a few weeks ago, the opposite seems to be true: every time it’s clean, I wear it out without taking pics, so the write-up has been a long time coming.

made: Mathilde blouse pattern from Tilly and the Buttons

When Tilly announced the release of the Mathilde Blouse, I joined the scads of sewists that were fired up to construct this stylish design. Continue reading

a second time for everything

Allow me to present my favorite garment of 2013 so far! It didn’t take much to beat the first attempt, but I’m happy to say that I quite like this one… and not just by comparison. :-)

Vogue 8854 view A-ish

You may recall that the first time I tried Vogue 8854, I found the fit in the armscye/upper chest to be way out of whack. I needed to make significant adjustments, and for once I decided to avoid recreating the wheel. Continue reading

how not to do an fba

The post to follow is a grade A example of why not just anyone should be able to put content on the Internet. Seriously, you should just leave now — I won’t take it personally. Once you’ve seen something this heinous, you can’t unsee it. You’ve been warned.

Per request, I am going to show how I did my full bust adjustment (FBA) for the Grainline Studio Scout Woven Tee. For my alterations, I needed additional width from the bustline all the way down to the hem. This method, if you can call it that, ended up working great for me. Here we go. Continue reading