warm heart cold shoulders

Well, I’m still diversifying, but I have to say that I can go a long time without actually having a new garment to show for my trouble! (World’s-smallest-and-fastest-sewalong aside.) But as Miss Lulu reminded me, when I do feel like doing the finishing bits, I will be a lot closer to several completed items all at once. She’s right, in theory, but today I only have one…

Simplicity 1805 view F

I first made Simplicity 1805 last summer, and despite my complaints that it smacked of PJs, it has been worn several times per month since it was finished. It’s fun, comfortable, and has hand-stitching embellishment. WinWinWin. Continue reading

turning violet, violet

Remember when, a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I am very nearly the slowest sewist alive, and I embrace that? Well, my friend Antoinette (of TangerineTrees) apparently decided to take that as a challenge. She invited me to the world’s-smallest-and-fastest-sewalong, since she had just acquired the Colette Violet pattern, and it had been languishing in my stash for a long while. Yes, I know that now is supposed to be the time to focus on the Laurel for a variety of reasons, but I guess we’re rebels like that. ;-) Join us in 2016 for our Laurel sewalong!

I knew this would be a (hopefully wearable) muslin, but still, to trace/alter/cut/fuse/construct over the course of a few days would be a tall order for me. One that I failed at actually, but … I’m still calling it a win since I only finished one day late! This was my first blouse with a collar, since I’ve fallen quite behind with the Archer sewalong. If only my hands would work as quickly as my plans.

Colette Violet

I really like this feminine, classic design. For a t-shirt-and-jeans girl, it says a lot that I think this could be an oft-worn style in my wardrobe. It will go great with my plethora of jeans, but I could cute it up with a skirt or any variety of accessories. This is my first Peter Pan collar — Continue reading

expedient gladification

Quite a few years ago, I got this slip of paper in a fortune cookie:

and here i thought i had no rhythm

While I get into this stuff sometimes for fun, in truth I am not superstitious — so in no way did I interpret this as “meant for me.” But regardless, it was incredibly applicable to me, and I loved the way I felt when I read it. It’s as if a soothing voice was whispering to me, It’s okay to go slowly. This is what works best for you.

I’ve displayed this note in a variety of places since I received it… desks at work, bathroom mirrors, above the stove, etc… Continue reading

gold star

Last week, Gail wrote a blog post in which she described a direct correlation between how quickly she photographs a project and how much she likes it. With this project that I completed a few weeks ago, the opposite seems to be true: every time it’s clean, I wear it out without taking pics, so the write-up has been a long time coming.

made: Mathilde blouse pattern from Tilly and the Buttons

When Tilly announced the release of the Mathilde Blouse, I joined the scads of sewists that were fired up to construct this stylish design. Continue reading

a second time for everything

Allow me to present my favorite garment of 2013 so far! It didn’t take much to beat the first attempt, but I’m happy to say that I quite like this one… and not just by comparison. :-)

Vogue 8854 view A-ish

You may recall that the first time I tried Vogue 8854, I found the fit in the armscye/upper chest to be way out of whack. I needed to make significant adjustments, and for once I decided to avoid recreating the wheel. Continue reading