diversification: why i’m trying it

The sewcialist community seems to be divided on the two-timing thing. Some folks love developing relationships with many projects at once, while some are absolutely faithful and may as well be wearing blinders. For most of my sewing life, I’ve been a one-plan woman. Getting started can be the hardest part for me, so when that’s done, I pretty much plow through to the end. Those things in my drawers that I call Unfinished Objects (UFOs) are, in truth, Will Never Be Finished Objects (WNBFOs). If I’ve become so perturbed with something that it gets put away, it is likely that it will languish there until I throw/give it away or reuse the fabric for something else. Very few exceptions.

UFO drawers, all three of 'em

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travel (or not) sewing kit

My next Zakka Style project is this wonderful little sewing kit — so wonderful, in fact, that it is the featured project on the book’s cover:

source: Rashida Coleman-Hale's Flickr photostream

The project is simply labeled “sewing kit,” and it got me thinking. For me, this would be for my on-the-go tools. I’d throw it in my bag with some kind of hand stitching work-in-progress and head out to wherever I was going. I have one of those and use it often. (I made this one as a present, so gift recipient, if you’re reading this, act surprised when you get it!) But the point is, for someone who doesn’t sew regularly, this would likely be her sewing kit. Period. To be dusted off if she needs to reattach that button. Well, for those cases, her one-and-only kit should definitely be as cool and cute as this one.

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fabric covered box

It seems that my blog is unintentionally becoming a love letter to Rashida Coleman-Hale. I didn’t set out to do that, but her projects and fabric are so appealing to me that it isn’t much of a surprise.

I ♥ Patchwork is full of squeal-worthy, gratifying projects. Many of them can be whipped up with materials you have on hand… this isn’t one of them. The fabric wasn’t an issue — Continue reading

my favorite source for inspiration

I love Pinterest.  I can get lost in it for, ahem, longer than I intend, and it is a source for so much inspiration for me. So when I saw this posted on Ucreate, I had one of the strongest whydidn’tIthinkofthat moments I’ve ever had.  While I often like the raw edges look, I didn’t love it here, so I decided to make my own version…

pin it pincushion

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