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Wow, I feel like I’m about to lose twenty pounds! Actually I am…

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For choosing the patternfall winners, I was going to use the random number generator thingie, but then not all entries were for all categories and just huh?… anyway, by the time I would have figured that out, I could have written this post, selected the winners, and waited in line at the post office already. So old-fashioned drawing out of a hat (or ramekin, whatever) it is. OK, here I go with my best Oprah channeling… “YOU get a package of patterns, and YOU get a package of patterns, and YOU…”

three little ramekins walk into a bar...


Category A – Plus-Sized Pattern Pyramid winners:

category A winners

Congrats to Fiona M, Cari Homemaker, and Suzy! Visit these ladies on their blogs to follow the pyramid goodness!


Category B – sewdontblog winners:

category B winners


Category C – crafty pattern winners:

category C winners

I’ve emailed y’all for your mailing addresses – thanks for playing!

Oh, and I’ll post about the posing-as-a-tablecloth-in-these-pics garment later this week… I know, I know — y’all know me and know what I’ve been up to, but humor me and come back anyway… ;)

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