do your pins: breakfast crumbles and infinity scarf

Welcome back to Do Your Pins! This feature is really giving me that extra push to make new things, rather than to let them sit in my queue indefinitely. I imagine that I’ll eventually come up against some fails, and I’ll blog those too, but so far only raving successes…


serious eats’ corn flake crumbles
I have been a follower of Serious Eats for many years. Their featured recipes are beautifully diverse — not all of them will be to any one person’s taste, but I love that I find things there that I don’t see anywhere else. This recipe was a prime example. A muffin that was almost all crumble topping? And what wasn’t crumble, was jam?? Where do I sign.

Jam. It is a certainty that this won’t be the last time you’ll see that topic here. In fact…ima go create a category… brb. OK, I’m back. At any given time, you’ll find no fewer than eight varieties of fruity preserve jars open in my fridge. They have their own shelf in the door. And they’re all homemade. More on that in due time; for now, suffice it to say it’s one of my passions.

Back to the crumble. The strawberry from the original instruction was delicious. But the recipe makes six, so all in the name of science, I had to make each one with a different flavor jam. (The remaining five included apricot, dewberry, fig, grape, and pear.) Al liked the pear the best; my top spot was a tie between dewberry and apricot. Just one more note to share… We don’t usually have corn flakes on hand, and I didn’t want to buy a big box of them if I didn’t have to. Luckily, one of my favorite Austin grocery stores had corn flakes in their bulk bins, so I was able to get just what I needed. If your local grocery haunt has a bulk section, check it out!

“Let cool completely, then release from pan…” Yeah right. I did wait for the jam to stop bubbling, though.


no-sew jersey infinity scarf
This one was pinned, but not by me. Earlier this year, my husband and I took a fun trip. Well, he traveled for work; I tagged along to visit friends. It’s a great system we have. Anyway, my friend Lisa had pinned this project, and we decided to try it. We took a quick trip to Target and found the exact no-side-seam t-shirts that Pink Pistachio used in her tutorial. (That was in January; I’d imagine they still have them.)

As you may have deduced by now, I do not seek out no-sew projects. In fact, I often turn away from them — using staples or duck tape instead of stitching isn’t my bag, baby. But this one didn’t replace the sewing, it just didn’t need it in the first place. I had to try to complicate it though. Don’t be like me. After we made the first one, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to cut the strands half as wide to have twice as many? So we made the next one like that. It does look good, but the über-thin strands are weak and shed little jersey-dot pieces like crazy. I still wear it, but carefully, and only with a like color that doesn’t highlight the sheds. So stick to the original tutorial as written, and you’ll achieve glorious infinity scarfness. The ones shown in this post were made the right way!

Have you made any cool pins lately?

aren’t you done yet? let’s play!

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  • Every time I read your blog I feel the NEED to do something. Seriously, now I NEED jam and crumbles and I guess cupcake liners to make snacks to go in my new tote bag. Thanks again but quit making me do things, ok?

    Well, at least the jam. You definitely NEED jam. ;-) ~Susan

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