felted and other curses

I’m so mad at sock knitting right now. I finished the pair for Al last week and he loved them. (Though they were too big, just like mine. Must figure out the correct negative ease.) Made from worsted weight yarn, they were more like slipper-socks, and he wore them three nights in a row beginning as soon as they were done. So I figured that today they should be washed. At least he got the three wears from them.

the f word

This yarn was billed as machine washable. I missed the instruction about putting them in a lingerie bag. Grrr. This must be the universe telling me to do less (more?) selfless crafting.

RIP, socks.

i thought i'd get the chance to take a better photo :(


ETA: I got a few offline comments that it was hard to tell the new size from the top pic, so here’s one with scale. Obviously the shrinkage is an issue — his hand won’t even fit in it now — but it also no longer stretches at all. But breaking news — check out what I did with the fail!

shadow of its former self

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  • Ah nuts… :(

    Sorry, baby!

    • And who is that guy next to my comment

      Hehe… randomly generated cute monster drawing. You wanna create a gravatar instead? I bet it would be a pic of our doggie! :)

  • Noooooo……!!! Well, they still look super snuggly, if a bit smaller ;-)

    They’re soooo much smaller! I need to put up another pic with a scale reference. I can’t even get my hand in one now! ~Susan

  • Oh noez!!! That is the worst! It has happened to me too, so at least you’re not alone. But I think it’s the universe’s way of telling you to do less laundry. And more nail polish :-)

    I like your interpretation infinitely better. I’m going with that.

  • It is no a total lose, now you have a lovely baby gift, just make a matching blanket.

    Sadly, they’re not even stretchy at all anymore, so couldn’t be worn by anyone! But I have an idea for them… stay tuned. :)

  • Yep! Done this one. Very sad husband. Is it wrong that I’m glad I didn’t knit them! (I’m a bad person).

    That doesn’t strike me as wrong At. All. Bad person, my @$$ — aren’t you working on a shirt for hubby, two quilts for your kiddos, …??

  • Oh no! They were so beautiful – thank you for sharing your hard won lesson.

    You’re welcome, I guess! ;) I hope to have extremely limited options for sharing such lessons in the future…

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