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So, I go on and on about my desire to knit socks, I even share a stunted test specimen, and then I fail to write about my first actual pair until >two months after completion?? Apparently once the mountain is topped, I move on. I’m sure that means something. I’m still into knitting socks mind you, I just clearly haven’t been into blogging about it. Anyway. Enough about my weirdness. SOCKS!

i knit socks BOO-YAH

As I previously mentioned, I tackled this learning process with a great deal of help from Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. That’s where this pattern is from, as well. I can’t recommend that book highly enough. I could barely knit and purl when I decided to start this, and yet the incredibly detailed descriptions and images held my hand at each stage. The only part I didn’t fully grasp from its instructions was the Kitchener grafting, but apparently that’s pretty hard to learn anyway. I finally got it, with Gail’s help via FaceTime. (Thanks again, Gail!!)

This pattern uses sportweight yarn, so they’re a little bulkier than normal, but they work fine under boots or my roomy Dansko clogs. I’m glad that I used sportweight for my first pair, since it helped me to see the stitches better and it went a little faster. The main adjustment that I need to make is to increase the negative ease — these have very little and they get kinda loose within an hour. Yet still, I have worn the hell outta these things since I finished them. They get machine washed, dried flat, then worn within 12 hours of becoming dry just about every time. I might have to learn how to darn soon.

happy feet

I have two other pairs in progress — one for me in the more typical fingering weight, and a slipper-type pair for my husband in worsted weight. The first one for Al has been complete for quite a while. I think I may be a victim of Second Sock Syndrome, but only when it comes to selfless socks. ;)

Question for you sock knitters out there — how much negative ease do you plan for, specifically in the foot portion? I know the leg/cuff will depend on the type of ribbing, but assuming the foot is just stockinette, then… ?

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  • WOW!! I am so impressed. I tried to knit socks once- I stopped after about 3 inches of the ribbing! I was partly lazy and partly terrified that I would spend a bunch of time knitting them and then they wouldn’t fit right. Yours look great and that is awesome that they fit well enough to wear them all the time!

    Thanks Megan, and it’s nice to “meet” you! :) Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! ~Susan

  • They are gorgeous! Surely not your first pair????

    Yes ma’am, my very first! Actually, my first knitted finished object at all…

  • Great socks – love them. I tried knitting a jumper once – back in 1979. I still have it unfinished in my wardrobe. Good job.

    Thanks BeaJay! That’s some serious optimism you have there… I’m sure I would have frogged it or threw it out!

  • You must have read my mind – just the other day I was wondering if you had continued knitting after the initial rush of finishing your first pair! Glad to hear that you are! These are so pretty – I just love those colors.

    Can’t answer your question though! I always shoot for 60 stitches on my #2 needles, and I never do gauge swatches for socks. Consequently, some are on the tight side and some are on the loose side! But some of them are Just Right :-)

    I didn’t do a gauge swatch either, but it did match the suggested gauge. I think I just have to find my magic stitch number… :)

  • You’re so fearless when it comes to knitting. They look great! I can’t work my way up from a scarf. Totally sat over here in admiration.

    Aww, thanks Mela! That’s funny, I tried to start a scarf several times but just couldn’t get into it. Hey we should trade… ;)

  • I’ve been knitting for about 2 months and have grown tired of hats, I already have too many scarves, so I think socks are coming up soon! I might follow your lead and use sport yarn as well, and I’ll try to find that book at the library.

    Congratulations on your first socks, it’s quite an accomplishment!

    Thanks Julianne! I think you’ll like the book. And I hear ya, I got bored with that other stuff too, and never even finished any of them!

  • Those look great! I’m so jealous. I’ve started, stopped, and frogged, and then repeat socks before. It makes me want to pick it back up again! :)

    These socks were no strangers to the frog throughout the process. Mostly tension issues. I’m very glad to finally have that sorted!

  • I’m a little late to the party – just found your blog, and am reading through your older posts. I LOVE sock knitting – I have about 100 pairs completed and yarn for at least double that! My ankles are a little chunky, and I use 2.5mm needles (I use circular Options needles from Knit Picks – once you try ‘two at a time’ you will never go back!), fingering weight yarn, and 64-66sts cast on for the leg and/or foot circumference. If I use sportweight, then I would cast on with 60-62sts. I find that works out well for me.

    Great socks – if you have not heard already, Ravelry is a great knitting and sewing community – go and take a peek :)

    • Hi twotoast! Wow, 100 pairs… since I can’t seem to get motivated to knit wool socks here during the summertime, I think it would take me a lifetime to make that many! :) And I agree, I love Ravelry. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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