making lemonade

My first thought after The Horrible Felting Incident, since I was convinced that the resulting pieces were completely useless, was to frame them and put them over my washing machine as a reminder. (A reminder not to do laundry of course, h/t Gail.) While I haven’t abandoned that concept entirely, my friend Miss Lulu had a better idea for one of the non-socks. I really should introduce y’all to her one of these days since I mention her so much! I’ll see if she’s game. :) But back to my lemons for now…

A brief backstory: For his job, my husband is in his car just about all day every day. Therefore, anything that can help make it more comfortable or efficient for him goes a long way! Al’s car has been the recipient for a couple of my crafty projects in the past. Necessity, invention, all that.

My friend’s awesome idea was to display it for him, à la rearview mirror dice. I took it a step further and decided to stuff it as a natural air freshener. Here’s how I did it.

mise en place

First, I wanted to felt it even more, so that the contents wouldn’t fall through anywhere, and also to shrink it a bit more. I really let that sucker have it this time. I laundered it again, including machine drying, in a very full load with lots of jeans. It ended up roughly 1/3 of its original size without any perforations (as shown in the above pic).

Next, I sewed on an elastic loop for hanging from the mirror. I had a bit of an issue and ended up with a big thread nest on the outside. Whatever. Icing on the cake that is this whole project.

nest of thread on nest of wool

Then, I stuffed it with some fresh coffee beans and a vanilla bean, both of which smell incredible and get stronger as they’re heated, which of course would never happen inside a car in Texas. I suppose, to stay on metaphor, I could have used lemon zest. Hmmm… maybe for my car…

stuffing. or is it dressing?

Lastly, I whipstitched the top closed by hand. This way, the stitches will be easier to see for removal when it’s time for fresh aromatic filling.

whip(stitch) it good

Some other flavoristic fillings could include cinnamon sticks, dried lavender, rose or other flower petals… eucalyptus leaves… mint… cotton balls soaked in almond extract or your favorite essential oils… the world is your oyster. But I wouldn’t use oysters.


Happy Valentines’ Day, sweetie. ♥


PS: Also on the wonderful subject of my husband… music=oxygen for Al, and he was recently interviewed by Allie Shellaway for her Desert Island Discs series. Check it out!

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