Ah, I remember last year’s Me-Made-May so fondly. I constantly lurked the Flickr group, took snaps of my self-stitched garments with pride, relished in the variety I had infused into my wardrobe.

I grandly dreamt of the following year, when my closet would be overflowing with new pretties to reveal, and when maybe I would even be able to make that most golden vow of wearing 100% handmade…


This year’s Me-Made-May has been creeping up on me. I’ve thought about it a lot over the past few weeks… should I? should I not? what to pledge?… and more often than not, I’ve come down on the side of sitting this one out. I have a disturbingly low number of me mades in my closet at the moment, and many of them are the same ones I was excited to show off last May. (Perhaps not shockingly, my excitement about them is dramatically lower a year later.) Of course, there are reasons why my wardrobe’s been neglected, but I’m so sick of all of them that I won’t even be bothered to recite them here now. What I’d rather focus on is FIXING IT.

I really don’t wanna sideline myself from MMM, so I’ve decided to use the event to motivate myself — to breathe some much-needed life into my pitiful closet. So part of my pledge will be unconventional, but it reflects what I most want to accomplish:

 Me-Made-May '14

 I, Susan of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear 1 me-made item per day during the duration of May 2014. Repeated garments, but no exact repeated outfits. Also, I vow to spend time each day sewing for my everyday wardrobe, even if it’s only 5 minutes!

Sure, ideally I would have enforced that last sentence two months ago, then just imagine where I’d be today. Ideally, shmideally. I didn’t, so here I am. My me-made-June oughta be glorious. ;)

I am planning to post only one wrap-up, at the end of the month. But, I’ll be documenting progress on Instagram! :)

You may be questioning the intelligence of re-posting last year’s photos when I possess a healthy concern that many of this year’s outfits will be the same. Yeah, me too. But since I’m in the camp of no-posts-without-photos, we’ll just say I’m keepin’ it real…

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  • Good luck with MMM! Once again I will be looking at everyone’s pretty outfits from the sidelines because 1, I don’t have enough handmade items and 2, I have to wear a uniform 5 days a week :(

  • I don’t have enough me-made stuff to do MMM, but I like your idea of working on something every day in May. So I’ll join you in Me Making May, OK? :)

    • AH! You have no idea how long I turned variants of me-made-may over in my mouth while writing this post, trying to come up with one that encompassed what I wanted to do… You nailed it, ME MAKING MAY is perfect!!

  • i think it’s great that you’re including working toward a wearable wardrobe in your pledge. and i look at MMM as a time to celebrate handmade, not feel bad about what we haven’t accomplished yet. i look forward to seeing your updates!

    • You’re totally right. I had to chide myself a bit for the stressing I was doing about it — this is supposed to be fun! :) Let the celebration ensue…

  • Have fun Susan! I am taking a breather from this project while I move from Oregon to Arizona. I am sure you will make progress toward your sewing goal…I’ll cheer you on.

    • Best of luck with the move, Mary! Cross-country moving… such fun… I’ve done it several times. :/ It’s always exciting to learn a new place though — and that part I mean non-sarcastically!

  • I don’t plan to participate this year (because all I really have is one dress and four skirts), but I like the idea of doing a little bit of sewing every day! I might do that.

  • I’ve been going back and forth about whether to participate this year too. But my reason is the opposite: I have so many me-mades, and I’ve been wearing me-mades pretty much daily for so long that it doesn’t really seem like the lofty goal it did 2 or 3 years ago!

    I like your Me-Making-May, and I hope you accomplish a lot!

    • Yessss! It’s so funny, the last couple of days I’ve been uncharacteristically wearing all RTW, like I’m trying to get it out of my system, HA!

  • Nice! I like this idea, too. I’m thinking about actually participating this year, which might actually mean I’ll be putting up a post finally! :)

  • Have fun with MMM! I don’t think I will participate this year. I pretty much wear a handmade garment everyday, so nothing unusual!

    • Thanks Tanya! I wear handmade almost every day too… so I try to incorporate a different kind of challenge for myself into my MMM pledges. (Last year I did no repeats, specifically because I wanted to go “deep” into my me-made wardrobe to decide what stayed and what went.) It’s fun! :)

  • Ok…. I think you have almost inspired me to get back on the blogging bandwagon by participating in MMM. Almost. 12 hours to decide. Aghhh!

    Anyways, so good to see you back!

  • I personally think the proviso about “no repeat outfits” is a little too much. So’s the “no garments from last year.” Lighten up on yahself!

  • Hey, thanks so much for your twin needle tips. I was tearing my hair out, came across your blog, switched to the proper stretch needles and viola all beautiful. Best wishes and happy sewing.

  • I love this idea! I do most of my sewing for my girls rather than mysef so maybe next year I will join MMM and make it Me making for me May…..or something like that. Lol

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