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Yes, I hate myself a little bit for that post title. Forgive me. Quick, let me distract you with a REVEAL!

Hmm, what first drew me to McCall’s 6566? I love easy-to-sew-and-wear knits, yes, but I don’t buy *all* of the patterns that fit that description.

But as soon as McCall’s released their summer collection, this one went on the list. I really like the variations that are provided. They’re not rocket surgery, but I like every. single. one of them. Here’s the pattern envelope styling and the line art (ignore the line art on their site — it’s wrong — doesn’t show the correct backs of views C & D):

source: The McCall Pattern Company
scanned from the pattern envelope

Sidebar: McCall’s has done well with the styling of their pattern photos lately, IMO. M6559 has a lot of momentum on – at this rate it’s sure to be one of the best of the year – but did anyone else buy it originally because they loved the fabric from view D, or was that just me…

source: The McCall Pattern Company

Anyway back on topic. I made 6566 this time without any of the cute options, partly because I wanted to let the busy fabric print speak for itself. Also, it was the first time I made the pattern. One of these days I may not feel the need to wearable-muslin everything — even simple knit tops like this. (I think that day is coming soon, now that I feel a bit more confident in my fitting skills at the flat pattern stage.) As much as I wanted to like this pattern, I was worried that it would be sack-like on me. I’m happy to report that I don’t feel it is. Granted, I did do some shaping at the sides, but that was because of my shape — I grade out at the hips. I can’t speak to how it would look without that, but it’s super easy to add some gentle shaping at the waist if you’d like.

Also, the back hem is curved and longer than the front…

I’m already planning my next version of this top, and it will be the lace-front one — inspired by this one! I picked up some dark red lace at a fabric swap this past weekend which I want to use for it. I’m headed on vacation soon so I’m not sure when I’ll get it done, but it’s planned, so that’s somethin’.


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  • I admire that you “wearable-muslin everything”! You did a lovely job on the top–I like the subtle shaping on the sides. I think it tranforms the top into something special. Did you do any shaping under the sleeves?

    Thanks, Elena! I didn’t shape the seams at all above the waist, but I do choose my size based on high bust, so that definitely means less-than-intended ease in the full bust area. ~Susan

  • What a fun print! Your top turned out great, and thanks for the shout-out. :) Can’t wait to see the lace one, when you’re back from vacay.

    Thank you — Girl Charlee again FTW! I’d love to be able to take the lace one with me, but I’m starting to feel the time crunch… Need to be packing and such, not sewing. :) ~Susan


I absolutely love this TShirt, so much so that I have ordered online this morning. 
Love your blog

    Thanks Ann-Marie — I hope you love how it turns out! ~Susan

  • What a great t-shirt! I think I’ll be adding that pattern to my “List of Patterns to Collect” ;-)

    Thanks, Kelley! It’s a nice staple to have in the collection. ~Susan

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