nothing that this post should be

**When one hasn’t posted on her blog in excess of six months, one’s first post back should be everything.**

Hi y’all! Boy oh boy oh how I’ve missed this. The further away I got, the harder it was to return. I’ve been making the makes, but somehow no story nor garment felt comeback-worthy, and with every passing fortnight, that got worse and worse. So this is me, breaking the ice.


**One should have the most amazing self-stitched reveal, with flawless pictures and full details describing how it was impeccably executed.**

I don’t. Sure, there’s a backlog of garments to be shared, but I don’t have any pictures yet. I am rather masterful at putting that off, so… rather than postponing this band-aid ripping another moment, I’m just typing then quickly hitting Publish.


**One should have something so profound to say that any reader feels compelled to immediately re-read, share, and then nominate for prizes.**

hi how are you


**And lastly, one should definitely have loads of nicely composed, in-focus photo evidence of any blogger meetups, demonstrating the leagues of fun had by all and the glorious fabric obtained.**

This post was precipitated in no small part by the most awesome trip to NYC last week. My husband and I saw wonderful musicals, ate scrumptious food, and loved every minute of it. But my absolute favorite part was meeting with these ladies who rock my socks. On what I’m told was the most gorgeous-weathered day of the year so far, we gabbed, we shopped, we ate, we coffeed, we connected… and it made me remember why I loved blogging.

And I have exactly two pictures. Oh WAIT! I found one more…

Angela! Suzanne! Marcy! And that Oonalicious fabric!!


This particular one has officially stopped shoulding on herself. See you soon!


Credit where it’s due — the frog’s not mine.

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