anna banna fo fanna

Mind you, I don’t make it a habit to dance in an open field during a lightning storm. However, I should probably give those electrical bolts an extra-wide berth for a week or two, because not only am I publishing a post, but I have a woven dress to share…

I have a crush. This crush was one of those that was slow to build. I didn’t fall in love at first glance, and I looked past our first few encounters. However, gradually she wormed her way into my heart, and after our first date, I was truly hooked.

anna banna fo fanna...anna!

Annnnnnna. She’s the object of my affection, and this one is my third version. Maybe I’ll get around to posting evidence of my other versions at some point but considering my track record of late, it’s not a sure thing.

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protracting a good fit

I’ve noticed widely varying sentiments regarding kimono sleeves — some people adore them, some really really don’t. I get that. For me, the thing I didn’t like about some of my earlier kimono-sleeve makes was the fit of the armscye — sometimes it was too low, sometimes too big, sometimes it just felt wrong or only the sleeve width itself needed adjusting. After a couple of years of finally getting a grasp on adjustments to set-in sleeves, these things threw me quite the curve — all while maintaining the pretense of being simpler…


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nobel pleat prize

I can’t believe it’s finally time to start talking about the Red Velvet collection… I’ll tell y’all, I really didn’t know what I was headed into when I started working with Steph a few months ago. This process was a BLAST. Watching her do her thing with designing and drafting and taking ultimate care with little details, then getting to participate in refining instructions, rounds of polishing, sewing tests and samples – I’m hooked. I’m so excited to see the garments that sewists start making from all the patterns

I really wanted to jump this fence and take pics on the old train...

The hub of the collection is the Red Velvet Knit Dress, and this is my second make from it. I used a medium-weight cotton/spandex jersey (no longer available) from Girl Charlee. It’s lovely stuff, so soft and comfy, excellent recovery. Using a fabric like this does come with its risks though, Continue reading

second verse not the same as the first

I have a friend in my local sewing group who adores the skirt pattern in Vogue 1247 — she’s customized it for her taste, altered it so that it fits her just right, and has now made it like 14 times and counting. I have no doubt that I’ll eventually catch up to her with the Hummingbird. Since making my first one, I’ve worn it like 3 times per week (don’t tell), so it’s a really good thing that it goes with so much. This one started piecing itself together in my mind shortly after that one was finished, and this week, I finally got the chance to execute it in actual fabric.

piped linen hummingbird skirt

I made this skirt from a heavyweight linen that I got locally from The Common Thread. I don’t do dry cleaning, and I really love how soft linen gets as it’s washed repeatedly, so I gave it a head start by prewashing/drying at least four times (I lost count) before I cut my pattern pieces. It’s no longer crisp but still has lots of body, and will only continue to soften more over time. Love linen. Continue reading

call me a cabarita

Some of my titles are better than others. Moving on…

After I made my Tiramisu, I was halfway through cutting out another one when I got a request from Steph to test the Hummingbird skirt, which was quickly followed by the Cabarita. (As I mentioned in my last post, while I did receive advance copies of these two patterns for testing, that was weeks after I had actually purchased them in the pre-sale. No compensation was involved — except being able to get my grubby hands on the designs a few days early!)

That dress is still half cut, and I haven’t forgotten about it nor the other versions I want to create. In the meantime though, I have been adding some great new basics to my closet, including this latest. Pardon the sunburn.

the earth would not be able to stay on my shoulders

I have been dreaming in navy and mint for a while. I’ve even sketched up a few garments with this color combo, but they haven’t made it to the cutting table.

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switzerland swedish skirt

How do you define a “neutral” garment? Does it mean lacking in color, like white, black, tan? (Yes, technically those are colors, but you know.) Does neutral include jeans? And if so, are they only neutral if they are a classic shade of “jeans blue?” Or maybe you consider solids your neutrals?

Lately, I’ve noticed that I attribute the neutral characteristic to something based on its role. Does it coordinate with tons of stuff? It’s a neutral. Case in point, I’ve decided that these shoes go well with damn near every garment I own. Neutral!

blue blue blue suede shoes

(A gift from my lovely sister last Xmas! They’re Cole Haan Air Jenni Ballet II flats in cobalt suede. ♥)

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