turning violet, violet

Remember when, a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I am very nearly the slowest sewist alive, and I embrace that? Well, my friend Antoinette (of TangerineTrees) apparently decided to take that as a challenge. She invited me to the world’s-smallest-and-fastest-sewalong, since she had just acquired the Colette Violet pattern, and it had been languishing in my stash for a long while. Yes, I know that now is supposed to be the time to focus on the Laurel for a variety of reasons, but I guess we’re rebels like that. ;-) Join us in 2016 for our Laurel sewalong!

I knew this would be a (hopefully wearable) muslin, but still, to trace/alter/cut/fuse/construct over the course of a few days would be a tall order for me. One that I failed at actually, but … I’m still calling it a win since I only finished one day late! This was my first blouse with a collar, since I’ve fallen quite behind with the Archer sewalong. If only my hands would work as quickly as my plans.

Colette Violet

I really like this feminine, classic design. For a t-shirt-and-jeans girl, it says a lot that I think this could be an oft-worn style in my wardrobe. It will go great with my plethora of jeans, but I could cute it up with a skirt or any variety of accessories. This is my first Peter Pan collar — Continue reading

sticky taffy

You know, it’s funny. One of the main ways we classify a fabric is by woven or knit. The two are even on opposite sides of my stash closet. :) Yet, as anyone who’s worked with knit fabrics knows, all knits are so not created equal. I have knits that are so stable they would work better on a pattern designed for wovens, and then there are the ones that stretch so much, and so easily, that they’re difficult to cut out with precision. My second version of the Taffy blouse from The Colette Sewing Handbook is a perfect case in point.

this one was sticky - the Taffy blouse from The Colette Sewing Handbook

As I mentioned when I first made this pattern, I fell in love with the sleeves despite starting out dubious of them. I knew another version was on my horizon, and I really thought the sleeves would look lovely in a drapey knit. Enter this fabric which I purchased less than a month ago… Continue reading

ocean taffy

Wait, come back… it’s not another recipe post. This one is for the Taffy, not taffy. :~)

Taffy blouse – click for source (Coletterie.com)

My book club’s selection in June was The Colette Sewing Handbook. This book is designed as a garment sewing school… it gives lots of lessons and tutorials, then presents five projects throughout the book to practice and build upon the skills you’re acquiring. Sarai Mitnick, the author as well as the owner of Colette Patterns, structures the book around what she calls The Five Fundamentals: A Thoughtful Plan, A Precise Pattern, A Fantastic Fit, A Beautiful Fabric, and A Fine Finish. She starts with some sewing basics and then gives more detailed instructions within each of these fundamentals. I especially enjoyed reading the Thoughtful Plan section — she shares some fresh ideas on inspiration, editing, strategy, and even creating your own croquis. (Alana from Lazy Stitching has a great post about that last one.)

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