diversification: why i’m trying it

The sewcialist community seems to be divided on the two-timing thing. Some folks love developing relationships with many projects at once, while some are absolutely faithful and may as well be wearing blinders. For most of my sewing life, I’ve been a one-plan woman. Getting started can be the hardest part for me, so when that’s done, I pretty much plow through to the end. Those things in my drawers that I call Unfinished Objects (UFOs) are, in truth, Will Never Be Finished Objects (WNBFOs). If I’ve become so perturbed with something that it gets put away, it is likely that it will languish there until I throw/give it away or reuse the fabric for something else. Very few exceptions.

UFO drawers, all three of 'em

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do your pins: to the infinity power

It’s pretty mind-blowing that this is the second post on this young blog that has something to do with neckwear. OK, maybe not mind-blowing. But it is surprising, considering that I’ve only possessed one scarf in my lifetime, purchased during my stint living in Utah, and even that only got worn a few times. I’m hot-natured and have lived most of my life in a hot-and-getting-hotter climate, but even more so, I simply don’t like anything fitted around my neck. Never have worn turtlenecks (not even mock), high necklines bug me, and I tend to button up only as high as necessary for propriety’s sake. :)

infinity cowl scarfness

That’s precisely why cowls/infinity scarves/whatever-you-wanna-call-them are perfect for me — Continue reading

strawberry shortcut

Yikes, over three weeks since my last post! And here I am, without a stitch of stitching in this one… I’ll remedy that next time, I promise!

Ah, strawberries… a sure sign that spring has arrived. What’s that? Oh yeah, I realize that it’s now late summer here. I’ve never been accused of being the early bird. But the good news is that in-season strawberries are still available in many places, and if you can get your hands on some, here’s a great way to fix them up for freezing so that you can enjoy them all year long. If they’re not in season as you’re reading this, surely they will be again one day. ;~)


All credit for this idea goes to Alton Brown, and it’s only one of his many brilliant ways to turn kitchen tools into multi-taskers. In case you haven’t seen this one, I threw together a quick tutorial. Continue reading

do your pins: does this count?

I’m really playing fast and loose with the phrase do your pins in this post. The recipe wasn’t one that I pinned, but I did save it to my Pocket briefly before making it. And regarding the other pin… well, you’ll see.

I love to bake for other people. It’s always appreciated, and it gives me the opportunity to try out recipes and to flex that particular creative muscle. Usually I just bake whatever is speaking to me at that moment, but every once in a while, I plan ahead and ask the intended recipient for any preferences. Of course, as soon as I received the answer this time — “cherries” — I almost regretted asking. Not that I don’t like cherries, but I rarely use them in baking and didn’t have a recipe repertoire to draw from. Silly Susan. As if going on a recipe hunt has ever been unpleasant…

chewy cherry almond bars

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do your pins: banana cake & better piping

There’s been a running joke for a while now that, as awesome as Pinterest can be, a lot of us are spending time there drooling over beautiful, creative projects, rather than spending time making beautiful, creative projects. Some links, I pin with no intention whatsoever to attempt them, but just because I love the idea, or the photo, or colors, or something else about it. But there are many pins that I do want to try or that have given me ideas for similar projects (like that pincushion). So, I’ve decided to challenge myself with a recurring feature called “Do Your Pins,” where I’ll discuss the ones I’ve tried and the experiences I had with them.

screenshot from one of my Pinterest boards
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