I have another of my subtle prints to share today. The fabric came from Mood online. I’m not pandering… much. I bought it in June! Anyway, it’s a straightforward jersey, 100% cotton, light- to mid-weight, stable. (Miss Lulu, have I remedied that neutral wardrobe thing to your satisfaction??)

where is susan? maybe she's hiding!

Yes indeed, it’s another Renfrew. I can’t help it! While I’ve come to appreciate — Continue reading


Hi, my name is Susan, and I’m a …. yep.

The Renfrew (from Tasia / Sewaholic Patterns) has been well covered by the blogosphere. You already know how awesome it is; you probably have 17 of your own in your wardrobe. Here are mine. So far.

My first go at this pattern was made from this Valori Wells cotton jersey, purchased locally. It’s medium weight with 4% lycra, falling decidedly into the stable knit category that Tasia describes so well here. I like this top a lot and have worn it a few times already, but of course, after sewing it, I made fitting tweaks for future versions. I wouldn’t put any of the changes into the fault-of-the-pattern category, just the ABCs of my body. The most substantial change I made was to add a bit of length — I can’t remember exactly how much, about 1-1½”.

Sewaholic Renfrew #1

The only area of minor struggle for me when assembling this garment was with the v-neck. Continue reading