hats and dogs

Earlier this year, I decided to purchase¬†Sewn Books by Carla Hegeman Crim and bring my experience with it along to my sewing book club. I’ll start by saying that I have no experience with millinery. Let’s assume that the fleece dinosaur hats that I made for my twin nephews for Christmas don’t count… but that won’t stop me from showing this pic…

it's the right way to wear it if he says it is

Yes, the spikes are supposed to go North-South √† la stegosaurus, not East-West √† la Statue of Liberty, but YOU try telling him that. And that’s his bro over his right shoulder, sporting a hat I did not make.

As on-topic and appropriate as any talk of my brilliant nephews always is, that hat pattern didn’t come from this book. (It’s here if you’re interested.) This one did, though: Continue reading