pretty patchwork pencil case

I feel like if I use the word “adorable” about Zakka Style one more time, the writing police are going to come after me. But I’ve consulted my thesaurus and no other word fits quite as well. Darling, precious, charming — it’s all those things but somehow they feel sarcastic coming from my fingers. Ooh, here’s a good one: ambrosial. Let’s see how ostentatious I can make my words today.

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travel (or not) sewing kit

My next Zakka Style project is this wonderful little sewing kit — so wonderful, in fact, that it is the featured project on the book’s cover:

source: Rashida Coleman-Hale's Flickr photostream

The project is simply labeled “sewing kit,” and it got me thinking. For me, this would be for my on-the-go tools. I’d throw it in my bag with some kind of hand stitching work-in-progress and head out to wherever I was going. I have one of those and use it often. (I made this one as a present, so gift recipient, if you’re reading this, act surprised when you get it!) But the point is, for someone who doesn’t sew regularly, this would likely be her sewing kit. Period. To be dusted off if she needs to reattach that button. Well, for those cases, her one-and-only kit should definitely be as cool and cute as this one.

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the house pouch

Zakka Style is an adorable, inspiring book. Also, it is a beautiful example of one that I’ve had in my collection since it was released, read through longingly, tape-flagged intentionally, and promptly never sewn from. So, to fix that but good, I have decided to participate in the Zakka Style Sew-Along. I’m under no delusions that I will complete all twenty-four of the projects in the book, but my goal is to do six of them. Putting that out there in the ‘verse.

My first selection was for the second project in the book, The House Pouch. Of course, one can never have too many little zipper pouches like this. I’ve made probably a dozen or so over the past few years, never with a specific intended use, yet somehow I have no unused ones at all. But none of the ones that I made came anywhere close to the cuteness that this one oozes:

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