the house pouch

Zakka Style is an adorable, inspiring book. Also, it is a beautiful example of one that I’ve had in my collection since it was released, read through longingly, tape-flagged intentionally, and promptly never sewn from. So, to fix that but good, I have decided to participate in the Zakka Style Sew-Along. I’m under no delusions that I will complete all twenty-four of the projects in the book, but my goal is to do six of them. Putting that out there in the ‘verse.

My first selection was for the second project in the book, The House Pouch. Of course, one can never have too many little zipper pouches like this. I’ve made probably a dozen or so over the past few years, never with a specific intended use, yet somehow I have no unused ones at all. But none of the ones that I made came anywhere close to the cuteness that this one oozes:

Several years ago, a zipper pouch from another book was actually my very first zipper project, and I completed several more of those before attempting zippers elsewhere. This worked out to be a great course for me, because I’ve never had the same fears that many beginning sewists have of zippers. (But buttonholes, now that’s another thing entirely…) Just like those pouches I made, this one is good for beginners. However, the book does scrimp on the diagrams for the zipper insertion, so if you need illustrations in order to get your mind around it, it’ll be helpful to supplement with another book or the internet. I just found this good one, and tons more are out there.

my house pouch

Obviously I did a few of the embellishments a little differently, but the crux of the pattern I made as written. Great design! If you make this one, be sure to proceed carefully during the final assembly (when stitching all around the separated lining and exterior). A 1/4″ seam allowance is small for this purpose — go slowly. And use pins, even if you’re usually too cool for them. I won’t tell.

Oh the preciousness… what a great gift this would make! It even has a flower on its butt!

the house pouch in use

Zakka Style Sew Along

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