this post was made for hoppin’

Ah, the true motivation for the break in my radio silence…

My friend Nicole nominated me for the blog hop that all the kids are doing these days. I love that Nicole is part of this story, because she’s an example of why I love blogging so much. I first met her online, but we’re local to each other so have now become in-person friends, as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her… she hasn’t been sewing garments long but doesn’t let fear hold her back from the projects she wants to tackle. We have spent a lot of time comparing notes about pattern alteration/fitting, board games, and just life in general.

Nicole and the deviled egg dress of awesomeness
Nicole and the deviled egg dress of awesomeness

When she told me a few weeks ago that she was nominating me for this, my initial thought was…
“but shouldn’t you hop to someone that’s actually blogging??” And then I realized that, perhaps, this was just the push I needed to get off my writing hiatus. And because I have no end of silly rules that I make up and then apply only to myself, I decided my first post back had to be a reveal, and then I’d play along.

Another of my self-imposed rules is no posts without pictures, so I’ve scattered a few throughout from my Instagram feed

blogger meetup welcoming Cashmerette to our corner of the world


How is my blog different?

Well, there are several characteristics that apply here: garment sewing, bright prints and stripes, inclination toward knit fabrics, curvy/plus fashion, occasional tutorials, even the odd recipe, crafty sewing project, or knitted make. But you can find scores of blogs in any of these categories, so I suppose the only real answer is — because it’s mine. :) It’s my own unique combination of these things, and sometimes that results in something different, sometimes not.

unblogged Red Velvet, made tunic length


Why do I create/write?

This one feels loaded, but I’ll try to answer succinctly. It’s different depending on the day. Some days it’s light — I sew because it’s fun, or because I want a specific garment in my wardrobe. Some days I sew because I’m passionate about achieving a good fit for my body. Some days it’s to support my mental health, which I firmly believe that *making stuff* helps to maintain.

When I first started blogging, I wrote as a means to connect with others out there on the ‘net from whom I’d learned so much, hopefully to give back a little. But writing quickly became as much a part of my creative process as the sewing. Now, I feel like I write for so many reasons — to express myself, to connect to the sewing community, to stay in touch with the sewing blogger friends I’ve made all over the world. It’s those friends that bring me back when I’ve lapsed, whether they know it or not. MWAH!

Dixie, me, and Lisa at The Common Thread in July, draped in our purchases


How does my creative process work?

One chicken/egg question I’ve seen batted around a lot is whether we start with a pattern or a fabric. For me, it’s almost always the pattern… I have a sizable stash of both patterns and fabric, but my brain doesn’t seem to work the other way ’round, even when I want it to. Therefore, I might purchase a fabric that I am super-excited about, only to have it sit in my stash for a couple of years before the pattern I’m considering leads me to it.

I’m not a good multi-tasker with sewing. I am all kinds of jealous of peeps who can have multiple fun things going at once, but I’ve learned the hard way that this isn’t me! I’ve tried, but if I get too far removed from a project, it will permanently reside in UFO territory until I toss it. Not good I know, but I can’t seem to make myself finish something that I’m not feeling… this is supposed to be fun! So the lesson I’ve learned is to do my best to stick with one thing until it’s finished, creating less waste all around.

Usually while I’m making something, I’ll think of a tidbit I want to say about it, and the post will start to form. It’s a lesson I have to learn time and again, but I’m better off to begin writing the post right when those thoughts descend upon me, because they can be fleeting. I am a write-rewrite-edit-rewrite-edit-edit-edit person when it comes to posts. My first pass is either getting the facts down “on paper” or capturing that story. Then, I go through and add whichever of those was missing. ;) My posts are almost always written over the course of 2-4 days, occasionally longer but rarely shorter.

unblogged Carmine jacket…with a confusing black t-shirt worn underneath. sleeves are the body of the jacket. :)


What am I currently stitching?

Today, I am working on a test of a Cake Pattern-in-development. I also have a half finished Vogue 8977 that I’ve been playing with as well. Aside from that, I haven’t been in much of a try-new-things place lately, and instead have been returning to TNT patterns in an effort to fill out my wardrobe.

one of several unblogged makes from Vogue 8952

And now for my nominations. I know most active sewing bloggers have already participated in this, but that works well for me because I’m inspired to nominate a couple friends who haven’t been very active lately and whose posts I miss!

Angela from So Made is a local friend who I first met several years ago through our sewing meetup group. She is a wonderfully fun and creative woman who has a very distinctive style and palette — we often joke that I can pick the “Angela fabric” (or fabrics!) in any given store. Her blog has been inactive for a while, so I’d appreciate it if you could help me spur her back on. We’ll all benefit if she starts writing about her projects again!


Megan from The Green Violet is a friend that I met through blogging and have really enjoyed connecting with. I think I might have talked her into signing up for Instagram prior to MMM’14, so at least we have been able to stay in touch there. But I miss her posts, because she is witty and fearless — I never read anything she wrote without walking away inspired. Come back, Megan! ;)


Have a wonderful week, y’all!

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  • Great to read more about you and to see some of your un-posted items. Yes I miss Megan’s posts too.

  • As soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew that I was in trouble!! I’ll try to get my ass in gear and do some blogging ASAP. I just got a new computer that actually functions, so that should be helpful. I’ve made a bunch of stuff, so I guess I have plenty to share. Thanks for your sweet words!

  • Our sewing and writing processes sound super similar! I also cannot work on multiple projects at one time, and if I set something aside for too long, it never gets picked up again. (Case in point: I made a muslin of Anna like a year ago, but apparently the muslin and the traced pieces were lost when I moved this summer and so now I have to start from scratch and that makes me not want to make Anna at all, so now I’m just making more Plantains, lol! Need another example? I knitted-knit?- a sweater up until the sleeves, got stuck, and now haven’t touched it in over a year. No motivation to go back to it.)

    And I also write my posts over multiple days and do the write, rewrite, edit, write, thing. I keep posts in my drafts for ages sometimes!

    • What IS that about not being about to go back to old things?? I so wish I could. Sometimes I just want to start something new, but I know if I do that, whatever project I have unfinished is toast

  • I’ve got a dead blog. The reason? It’s complicated, but I think I have trouble integrating the energy it takes to both make, and reflect upon that make. If I process the make into writing, I’m afraid I won’t have energy to go back to the making. You know?

    • I think I know what you mean. It does take a lot of energy to write, that’s for sure. I do find that it’s one of those things that I get energy back from as well, with the blog interactions, but that doesn’t help when there’s only so much of it up front. You’ve heard of the “spoons” thing right? A very interesting subject…

  • Thanks, Susan, for the shoutout! I will post something soon! :) Thanks for pushing me and inspiring me!

    By the way… i just LOVE that Carmine!

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