My second Scout is complete! Man, I love this pattern. In addition to the lovely phenomenon that enables me to wear something without darts, I really adore the shape of the neckline and sleeves as well. Because I see many (many many) versions of this top in my future, I am slowly tweaking the fit to ensure that it’s exactly how I want it.

I tweak my favorite patterns (and recipes) a lot, until I’ve finally reached perfection satisfaction. It’s awesome to have it just how I want it — I can pull out the pattern and cut right away, without fear of messing up an awesome fabric. Well, no fear from a fit perspective anyway. ;~) If you ever see me make something only once, either 1) I hated it and felt it wasn’t even worth my time to improve, or 2) it was spot-on the first time. The latter has never happened yet, but hey, a girl can dream.

yes my fabric did stick its finger in a light socket thankyouverymuch

For this version of the Scout, which I’ve affectionately dubbed my electrocuted candy cane top, I widened the sleeve just a scant 1/2″ and shaved out a little excess from the upper chest area at the armscye. As I mentioned in my last post, I also removed the inch of length that I had initially added.

This fabric is a cotton lawn from (I’m fairly sure my mom would call it “wild.”) It fell decidedly into the WTF-was-I-thinking category as I pulled it from my stash. But I decided that it would look better in either my closet or the donation pile than it did on the stash shelves, so I pressed on. I have to say it grew on me as I worked with it. (It has not yet grown on my husband, but whatever.) I did feel the need to temper the print a little with some solid dark gray piping trim. Shhh… yes it did help. Did too.

see how much tamer it is now??

I’ve almost reached the fit that I want. Next time, I will widen the back by just a teenytinybit between mid-armscye and bust. I feel a lack of ease there that I didn’t notice with my first version, possibly because of the different fabrics. Or maybe I inadvertently gave myself some extra room with the center back seam the first time. Whichever. At this stage, I think that’s the only remaining tweak I need, unless the next version reveals a new one. ;~) A nice benefit of this process is that I’m getting some great everyday tops in my wardrobe along the way!

almost there - Scout Woven Tee from Grainline Studio

I’ve had a couple of on- and off-line inquiries on how I did the FBA on this pattern, since it doesn’t have a dart. I’m going to work on a photo tutorial, and I will post it next week…

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  • I think the grey piping totally calms down the print. But then again, I have a pink camoflague t-shirt that I consider a neutral, so I may not be the best judge! :)

    LOL – awesome! Yeah, my attraction to crazy prints is a bit outta control… :-) ~Susan

  • Very nice, Susan – you seem to be getting such a great fit on your tops. Love that contrasting piping. Every time I see one of your tops I’m kicking myself for not giving garment sewing a try (especially after yesterday’s clothes shopping and finding nothing that fits). I just need to take the plunge :)

    Ugh, clothes shopping… I hear ya. This is an excellent, super easy pattern for plunging in! :~)

  • Crazy print lovers, unite!! I love this fabric, and the addition of the piping was inspired! Totally stealing that idea one of these days!

    Thanks, Gail! I loooove piping; it’s definitely one of my favorite details…

  • Love the top – and I do love the fabric too. Might have to try this pattern.

    Thanks, BeaJay! :~)

  • Just wild enough! It is really wonderful to have a go-to pattern, isn’t it? Glad this one is working out so well for you.

    Thanks, Antoinette, and yes! I only have a couple go-tos so far but it’s a great feeling. :)

  • I’m so glad I found your website! I took a leap of faith and purchased the Scout pattern even though I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, and also had to do a FBA and added some extra space in the waist. I’m currently making a muslin and hoping my tweaks prove as effective as yours.

    Hi Eli! I found it to be a very straightforward pattern to alter — I hope you love your Scouts! :-) ~Susan

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